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With our newly redesigned website, the Law Office of Garnett Harrison is also reaching out with a blog on issues concerning, Divorce and other Family Law, and occasionally where other aspects of the law intersect. The opinions and considerations of these posts are not intended to be legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for seeking counsel.

Considerations when getting divorced.

The process of divorce can feel both like a whirlwind and like watching a crash in slow motion. Many people who come in seeking a divorce just know that they do not want to be married to that particular person anymore. It should be just that simple, let’s sign some papers and be done, right?

No. Many assets and liabilities are acquired during a marriage, much like a business. When you get divorced, these things have to be divided. Most states require a formal plan regarding visitation and custody of children, and this means a plan for child support. Additionally, you have to consider who will keep family pets.

It is important to begin to understand what makes up your marital estate. What has been acquired while you have been married? Did you purchase a home? A car? A boat? Did you (or your spouse) receive an inheritance? Do you (or your spouse) have a retirement plan? 401(k)? Pension? Do you have credit card debt? Do you (or your spouse) have student loans?

Your attorney will ask you about this. It is ok if you do not know immediately, but these are the things we think about as we begin your case.

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